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Shadow of the Beast

Script & Dialogues

Cyril Estevenin - Fred Raynaud

Directed by

Fred Raynaud

ODB Screening 2.jpg


In a remote village in Provence in the early 1940s, 9-year-old Louis, accompanied by his faithful wooden dog Pégase, investigates the emergence of a danger that is gradually surrounding the locality.

Cradled from an early age by novels and adventure books, Louis associates this danger with the return of the beast of Gévaudan.

When he's not spying, Louis discreetly attends conversations between adults and events that keep the suspense on the origin of this danger.

But Louis is sure of himself. The beast is there... and he keeps repeating it!



Shot in the first person, Louis' gaze is the only point of view in the story that highlights the confrontation between innocence, imagination and reality.

The shadow of the beast takes up the challenge of combining POV with a choreographed staging in 13 sequence shots dotted with shadow play.



Original Music

The music of the film is composed to measure by the young French artist FEARD in collaboration with BLU RED. It emanates from the soundtrack of the Shadow of the Beast a unique atmosphere which, in turn, takes us back to childhood and fills us with mystery. 


Shadow of the Beast

ODB Screening.jpg
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